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How do your Fish Clubs work?

Check out our Fish Clubs page to learn how it works, register as a Captain, or find a club to join!


People often have the idea that the freshest fish is never frozen. But when you look behind the scenes, you see that it can take many days for a harvested fish to make it to port, get unloaded, processed, shipped, unloaded again, and displayed. On the other hand, blast freezing fish right after harvest locks in the freshest flavor and quality, freezes out potential pathogens, and ensures that the customer gets the finest product. But don't just take our word for it, check out this  info sheet from Ecotrust.

How much fish should I buy?

People often ask how far a given quantity of fish will go.  We find that if you prepare fish a few times per week you can easily go through 50-100 lbs in a winter for a family of 2-4 people. Our individually wrapped fillets range in size from 2-3 portions. Malena can fit about 25 lbs of fillets into an average partially-stocked fridge freezer, more if you're willing to clear out those old stouffers dinners for some extra space.

WHY should I know my fisherman?

If you're a health conscious eater, you know salmon is some of the very best food you can put in your body. This is why you treat yourself to yummy fillets when you're at the supermarket - but do you know where those fish came from? Do you know how much the fishermen were paid or what practices they use aboard their vessel?

There's no way you can tell because modern industrial seafood processing mixes up fish from all over the place, caught at all different times, and by all sorts of people. Up to 95% of the money you pay goes to the middlemen, and not to the people out working the waters.

Now, when you buy our fish, you know exactly who caught it and we can even tell you precisely where it was caught. By direct marketing our fish, we put more care and attention to each fish because we can get a higher price per pound.

Also, because we use hook and line, we process our fish immediately after they're hooked. Connoisseurs can taste the difference, and everyone can feel good about supporting a family business putting quality over quantity.

To make a long story short, if you're going to buy salmon & seafood anyway - why not get it direct from people you can trust?