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We Heart AMCC

Malena Marvin

We love the Alaska Marine Conservation Council! And not just because they interviewed Schoolhouse Fish Co. on their website this month.


These people have been working hard for decades on behalf of small boat fisherpeople like ourselves. Not only do they advocate for sustainable fisheries management, they also work to promote and support the young fishermen and small-boat fishing businesses that are the heart of a sustainable fishing industry and Alaska's coastal communities. Kudos to Kelly and her team at AMCC, we are proud to support them and hope you will too!

Here's a smattering of our wild interview with AMCC, catch the whole kit and caboodle on their website!

What advice would you share with others looking to start a small business?
Malena: Obviously being successful with a small business is a lot of work, but it’s also an opportunity to be creative. Small businesses are all about implementing dreams and I think the more you can identify and feel stoked about living your biggest dreams, the more successful you will be!

What part of AMCC’s work resonates most with you?
Malena and Eric: We love that there is more and more overlap between advocacy work and entrepreneurship, and that AMCC is embracing that sweet spot between traditional nonprofit work and that of small business. You are leading the way here in AK in showing that “growing the economy” and “saving the planet” are really the same thing if we do it right!