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Early bird gets the fish! Announcing our 2019 Fish Club dates & deadlines

Malena Marvin

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 1.39.21 PM.png

Introducing our 2019 Fish Clubs

Our “Fish Club” business model was created to connect our hardworking fishing community here in Petersburg to diverse communities around the US through a shared love and reverence for wild fish. Each year we strive to get a little better at making these connections as fun and seamless as we can. Here’s what we have planned for 2019!

New early bird dates & deadlines

Heads up! To get closer to a “fish to order” business, we’re moving our early bird deadlines into the spring. Your pre-orders help us plan our fishing season around your preferences so we can get you the freshest and most delicious fish possible. Dates to plan on for 2019:

  • April 10 - ongoing: Fish Club Registration for Captains
    Captains registering clubs by May 1st lock in early bird pricing for their clubs, but registrations continues all season! Register your club. (Learn more about how Fish Clubs work here.)

  • April 20-May 20: Early Bird Ordering
    Once your club is registered, Fish Club “crew” members can pre-order with early bird pricing through May 20th.

New Clubs shipping every month

As we add more Fish Clubs around the country and more seafood offerings from our catch, we’ve rebooted how we ship.

In 2019 we’ve got new mixes of seasonal seafood shares each month from June-October. Preview them right here. Captains can register for one or more months. To keep shipping costs affordable, we just ask that you meet our 80-100 lb shipping minimum for each monthly shipment you sign up for. All Fish Clubs ship mid-month and we’ll accept orders till the last day of the previous month. Specific dates for each month are here.

New fishes for you

New this year (drum roll please) are delicious black cod (sablefish) shares caught by Eric and Captain Steve. Black cod is a real Petersburg favorite - by far the richest, most buttery and delicious fish we catch and we’re thrilled to offer it to you. We’re also happy to be offering halibut and frozen smoked salmon shares in 2019. Yum! All of this comes in addition to our usual ling cod, rockfish, halibut cheeks, coho, and king salmon.

It’s all about community

We know we couldn’t do what we do here in Petersburg, Alaska without the support of our friends, neighbors, and partner businesses. Our Fish Clubs help connect this awesome community to your awesome community, a business model that keeps our prices very competitive. Because each of you are part of our business, we welcome your feedback and questions any time. Just call or text or email!


Blooming lupines & spring season's catch

Malena Marvin

The wild lupines are blooming and the house smells like fish guts and diesel. It must be time to start getting the spring's catch from our shores to your doors! 

New in stock at Schoolhouse Fish Co. are line-caught yelloweye rockfish, halibut cheeks, and lingcod. These classic white and flaky fish fillets make for delightful main fish dish recipes, yummy fish tacos, or delicious fish & chips. All fillets are individually packaged in approximately 1 lb packages, and available by special order by species or mixed together in our 25 lb Fish Mix boxes. As always, if you can get a crew together to order 100 lbs or more, shipping is free and you get 5 lbs free fish for your trouble, and we handle all the invoicing. Inquire for wholesale rates for stores and restaurants.

Eric's been fishing our halibut "quota" with Captain Steve Enge, a 5th generation Petersburg fisherman and Eric's fishing buddy and mentor of 12 years.  Lingcod and rockfish come up often on the halibut lines, so we're working on marketing these yummy fish whose flavor and health benefits rival those of the better known salmon and halibut. Back on shore, Malena helps cut halibut cheeks, a special fillet from the tender flesh on either side of the halibut's heads. We sold out of cheeks last year, and supplies are limited for all of the spring white fishes, so let us know if you're interested.

And stay tuned for an interview with Captain Steve on sustainable fishing and mentorship in the Petersburg fishing fleet. Generations of learned knowledge pass from Steve's family to ours every time Eric hops aboard the F/V Monarch for another trip, and we want to share some of the stories with you...

Halibut in the belly of the F/V Monarch, where Eric longlines for halibut with his longtime fishing mentor Captain Steve Enge.

Malena cutting halibut cheeks!

The F/V Monarch enjoys a sunset Petersburg harbor style.

The F/V Monarch enjoys a sunset Petersburg harbor style.

Eric walks and chats with fishing mentor Captain Steve Enge on the schoolhouse tide flats.

Eric walks and chats with fishing mentor Captain Steve Enge on the schoolhouse tide flats.

We Heart AMCC

Malena Marvin

We love the Alaska Marine Conservation Council! And not just because they interviewed Schoolhouse Fish Co. on their website this month.


These people have been working hard for decades on behalf of small boat fisherpeople like ourselves. Not only do they advocate for sustainable fisheries management, they also work to promote and support the young fishermen and small-boat fishing businesses that are the heart of a sustainable fishing industry and Alaska's coastal communities. Kudos to Kelly and her team at AMCC, we are proud to support them and hope you will too!

Here's a smattering of our wild interview with AMCC, catch the whole kit and caboodle on their website!

What advice would you share with others looking to start a small business?
Malena: Obviously being successful with a small business is a lot of work, but it’s also an opportunity to be creative. Small businesses are all about implementing dreams and I think the more you can identify and feel stoked about living your biggest dreams, the more successful you will be!

What part of AMCC’s work resonates most with you?
Malena and Eric: We love that there is more and more overlap between advocacy work and entrepreneurship, and that AMCC is embracing that sweet spot between traditional nonprofit work and that of small business. You are leading the way here in AK in showing that “growing the economy” and “saving the planet” are really the same thing if we do it right!