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Schoolhouse stories and troller talk from Southeast Alaska.

Salmon, a poem by John Dowling

Malena Marvin


Folks, Eric and I are busy planning out 2016: A YEAR IN FISH, our "catalogue" of oceanic offerings for your dining pleasure. We hope to get that out to you ASAP, but be warned, "business" meetings are staggered between lengthy fiberglassing boat projects, long walks on the beach, and Malena's community volunteerism, which is currently out of hand. In the meantime, like a good joke between songs at a bluegrass show, enjoy  what may be the world's best salmon poem (I dare you to pen a competitor!). Authored by my dad's buddy, John Dowling. May we always pause to behold the wild silver miracle that sustains us in Southeast Alaska. 

Salmon, a poem by John Dowling


I am the Goddamned
promise returning
tight bellied
dumb with life.

Murderous and Murdered:
feed my desire
as I am food
for Pollock
And Seal
devouring me
till river mouth
I pause.

Like all others and none
I am fat with life and
on this long upstream course
whip tailing
slick rock
roaring water
throwing me back.

Pushing whip tailing
slick rock
roaring water
throwing me back
to resting silver in silver reeds.

I reconsider nothing.
For I am made and unmade.
I am memory mad for this galaxy of autumn leaves
swirling about
just beyond my reach.

Published in Intricate Homeland, Headwaters Press, 2000

Fish tails...

Malena Marvin

Life on the high seas.

Life on the high seas.

We're excited to share our stories with you, stay tuned for tales of life at our schoolhouse, on our fishing boat, and in our kitchen (yes, Eric has perfected some great salmon recipes, and you should have them!).