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Petersburg, AK

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Fish Mix Shares

On our Alaskan island, family freezers brim with all sorts of wild fish and game. Get to know your fisherman with a Fish Mix share that fills your freezer just like ours. 

Fish Mix Shares

Fill your freezer with a delicious & nutritious mix of succulent halibut cheeks, lingcod, and rockfish all line-caught by Schoolhouse Fish Co. Our wild Alaskan fish arrives in 1 lb portions, frozen & vacuum-sealed for the highest quality on the market.  

Get a bargain with our buying clubs or order direct with our shore-to-door service. Orders received before July 1 are $15/lb; after July 1 are $16/lb, so order now to save. 

We find that 10 lbs fits easily in the average partially-full fridge freezer, and that up to 25 lbs can be stuffed in to most freezers.

Locals Discount

Petersburg people! Use the buying club share buttons and enter discount code LOCAL to take 10% off the club prices. 

Shore to door shares

We ship shares individually from our Alaskan island via UPS on Mondays to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday at your door. Shares arrive in cooler boxes.

buying club shares

For groups picking up at Alaska Air cargo whose combined purchases total over 100 lbs. Learn more about our buying clubs here.