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Our blast-frozen lingcod fillets are individually packaged and average about 1 lb in size.

Neither ling nor cod...

Sometimes when we go out longlining for halibut, our lines come up with lingcod. These fierce beauties are a prized entree at dinner tables in Petersburg, and we're happy to bring them direct to you. 

Neither ling nor cod, Ophiodus elongatus are loved by chefs for their delicious and versatile flaky white flesh. You will not find a more delicious fillet for your fish & chips or your elegant white fish recipe.

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Now available as part of our Fish Mix shares with other Alaskan fish fillets.


Lingcod range along the Pacific coast of North America from Baja to Alaska, but like most species, populations are healthier up north. Tagging studies have shown they are mostly nonmigratory, and tend to stick around their own neighborhoods.

Pan fried lingcod ala West Coast Primal. Click the photo for the full recipe!

Pan fried lingcod ala West Coast Primal. Click the photo for the full recipe!

Pan-fried lingcod recipe

Google lingcod recipes and you will NOT be disappointed. Here's one we think looks extra super duper delicious from West Coast Primal:


8-10 Fillets of lingcod approximately 2×4 inches in length and 3/4 thick.  
¼ cup coconut milk
2 free-range organic eggs
1 cup tapioca flour
sea salt
black pepper, freshly ground
garlic powder
2 tablespoons melted butter or ghee
1/8 cup olive or coconut oil


Mix the eggs and coconut milk together into an egg wash. Liberally coat fillets with the egg wash. Sprinkle black pepper, garlic powder and sea salt lightly over each fillet. In a deep bowl place each fillet in the tapioca flour, generously coating each side. Heat olive oil and butter in skillet or non-stick pan on medium-high heat. Note: It’s important to make sure the oil has reached temperature before placing the fillets in pan. When oil is hot, add fillets. Sear for several minutes, until the bottom side is golden brown, and then flip each fillet. When second side turns golden brown, remove fish and set on a plate with a paper towel. This will soak up any excess oil. Repeat as necessary. Note: Depending on the thickness of the fillets, it will take approximately 5 minutes each side. The fillet should easily break apart with a fork.  Plate and serve with fresh steamed or baked vegetables. Serves 4


Here we are checking up on lingcod processing over at Coastal Cold Storage, one of the local small businesses where we get our catch filleted and packaged up. Photo by Erin Jakubek.