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Petersburg, AK


NEW! Alder-Smoked Coho Salmon

In our Southeast Alaskan rainforest, preserving summer salmon with alder smoke is as old as time.

Here in Petersburg, Alaska, we enjoy smoked salmon year round.

Now you can get a taste of the Tongass with our troll-caught coho salmon locally smoked and preserved in a shelf-stable, 8 oz. portion.

Moist and full-flavored, our smoked salmon is a versatile cupboard staple. Toss a pack in the picnic basket for family snacks, pair with cheese for elegant hors d’oeuvres, or add to your backcountry food list for lightweight & healthy provisions on the go. (We love trying smoked salmon salad and dip recipes with mayo, sour cream or cream cheese, plus lemon juice, fresh herbs, and a mountain of garlic!)

Ships via USPS Priority Mail in three sizes: Snacker (two packs), Homestead (15 packs) or Winter Grubstake (35 packs).

We’re also happy to ship either size as a gift - EVERYONE loves getting salmon in the mail! Just give Malena a text at (907) 957-1007 or email and let us know what you want us to write on the complimentary card to your loved one.

Hand caught with hook & line

Every single wild coho we sell is hand-caught with hook & line aboard our fishing boat. We’re proud to get our cohos smoked at Tonka Seafoods down the street from our house in Petersburg. Tonka is a locally-owned and operated business where Eric is also a shareholder!


Home to fishing communities since time immemorial, the streams and forests now managed as the Tongass National Forest are a globally unique salmon sanctuary. We recognize that the wild coho that power our business are dependent on the longterm health of our rivers and rainforest in Southeast Alaska. That’s why we put a lot of time & money into salmon advocacy in Alaska.

By marketing our salmon as “Tongass Wild” we hope to establish a values-driven market for these fish that better defines sustainable seafood while raising money for salmon preservation. Our goal is to inspire more fishermen to give back to this place that feeds us, while connecting our customers to cultural and ecological conservation efforts in our region.

Tongass Wild Alder-Smoked Coho
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